2006-02-07 - Value of a life

what is the value of the life ?
one day... you will have only few minutes to live before dead....
then at that time... you will feel the value of your life
having few boyfriend,
having money problem,
being pissed off,
or every little things, every little life problems
those that just not allow you to live your fully life...
all this little things.. will be forgetted in one second
and at that time
you will know the Value of the life you got
remember that honey it's very important

if you are open to other sufferance... and if you can feel compassion
then... you start to feel the real love
love other for what they are.... only
and not waiting something in back...
just give

(like buddha, jesus and lot's of up counscience already act)

Fabien FERT

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